AZL Meeting & Networking Tool

The digital tool for you to exchange in interactive video conferences and hybrid meetings and to have personal and self-chosen 1:1 meetings on composite and lightweight business and technologies

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Exchange with lightweight and industry experts


Meet other participants in effective 1:1 video meetings

  • Register for a meeting and see all participants including their interests and contact details.

  • Easily book a short 1:1 video meeting with other participants during a dedicated networking session.

  • You choose yourself who to meet, no automated speed dating.

  • Other participants can book meetings with you via your automatically generated schedule.

  • Meet in private, highly secured video meeting rooms.

The idea is to match interests and effectively arrange a follow up meeting

Join technology and business driven events within the AZL Partnership and beyond

  • Participate in AZL interactive video conferences and hybrid meetings for knowledge exchange and networking on composites and lightweight.

  • Users of AZL Partner Companies will exclusively be able to join all AZL Partnership meetings throughout the year (14+ meetings)*.

  • Users beyond the AZL Partner Network can use the tool for networking at individual events like the Lightweight TechTalks by AZL , having no access to any AZL Partner.

* The well known AZL Partner Section comprising all presentations, minutes and results of more than 7 years years of collaboration is still available for AZL Partner Companies with your usual login.

Easily find lightweight and industry experts
  • Even if not be able to meet in a specific event, AZL partners can still contact other experts of the AZL Partner Network via the user directory (not available for users beyond the AZL Partner Network).

  • Just browse the users and their interest using the search function.

  • After finding a match, find the contact details such as e mail, phone, LinkedIn ( user decides what to share).

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Want to learn more about AZL and the AZL Partnership?

AZL Aachen GmbH is an engineering and service provider working closely with the high-tech ecosystem of the RWTH Aachen University to provide business and technology development for lightweight solutions . You can check out our engineering and service portfolio here. With the AZL Partnership, we offer a framework contract to connect you with decision makers from academia and industry. The 80+ AZL Partner Companies from 21 countries and 9 partner institutes work together in sustainable partnerships: In six workgroups each meeting every six months, in joint projects and studies and through networking activities we exchange knowledge and efficiently drive innovation through shared effort. Together we bring composite and lightweight innovations from the meeting room right into the tech center.

Learn more about AZL and join the AZL Partnership

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